Gulbarga,popularly known as Kalaburgai is a major city of Karnataka.Governed by the municipal corporation, earlier this city was  part of Hyderabad, but presently it is a part of Karnataka. Situated on Deccan plateu, this city has a vast historical background. Different races had reigned Gulbarga in different times. The citizens of this city belong to different cultures and religions and that made this city diverse in culture. River Krishna and Bhima are flowing though this city and the pleasant climate adds more beauty to this city. If you are planning to have a coffee shop set up in a city like Gulbarga, then there is a good news for you.Brewbakes Hospitality & Sons Pvt. Ltd. is offering franchise to different cities of India and they are ready to help you out with pre set up support, resources, manpower, furnishing, business plan, promotional help,marketing strategy and proper training to the employees.

Why Brewbakes Café Franchise in Gulbarga?

The black soil and the presence of the two rivers has made Gulbarga fertile enough to grow enough crops and the agricultural sector is one of the best sources of earning. The adequacy of agricultural products has lead Gulbarga to the financial development. The food and beverages industry is also growing with this developing city. Gulbarga is really potent for starting a cafeteria business.

Gulbarga is famous for the art and culture and there are plenty of religious places in this city. Buddha vihar, Dattatreya temple, mosques, dargah and other famous places made this city a popular tourist destination. Every year a large number of people from different cities of India come to this city to visit those places. The tourism industry has witnessed a growth in recent industry. To provide hospitality to the tourists, the hotel, restaurant and eatery industries are growing leaps and bounds. So, opening a cafe in Gulbarga would be a great idea.

Gulbarga has a large number of population. According to the last census (in 2001) Gulbarga  has a population of nearly 6lac and the up growing population is the reason behind the flourishing food industry. Gulbarga has prospectus as location for starting a cafeteria.

Gulbarga has a high literacy rate and that implies the city has large number of students. Students are most likely to hang out in places like food joints, cafeterias etc. Opening a coffee shop set up will really be a good idea.

Gulbarga has various industries that have boosted the financial growth of the city and as most of the citizen are employed they have enough purchasing power. They also prefer to have food at the food joints, eateries and cafes. That’s why Gulbarga would be a good choice for setting a cafe set up.

Gulbarga has different industries along with the liquor industry. Those industries have helped this city to be developed and the sufficient job opportunities attract people to come here from different cities. With the increasing number of people the food joints, cafe, eateries are also mushrooming. So,establishing a food and beverage business in this city will be fruitful.

Brewbakes franchise flourishing in Gulbarga

Brewbakes café franchise business is growing strength to strength. It has franchise network across the nation. Currently the brand has 50+ café outlets making presence in 20+ states and 30+ cities of India. Getting bigger day by day in the Indian food industry, it aims to 200+ café outlets by 2019. Expanding its legs and becoming India’s most favorite brand in food industry, Brewbakes now is expanding its legs in the city of Gulbarga offering food business and café coffee shop opportunities to the people who are keen to make investment for constant source of income and getting a member of reputed brand family.