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Why Brewbakes Café Franchise in Guwahati?

Situated on the southern bank of the mighty Brahmaputra River, Guwahati is a major riverine port city and the largest city of Assam and Northeastern India. It is one of the fastest growing cities in India and has become a major commercial, industrial, tourism and educational hub of eastern India. Being one of the most important cities in eastern India, the city of Guwahati has comparatively high quality of life. The city presents excellently developed social infrastructure and creates awesome residential and working atmospheres with lovely landscapes, charming climate, stylish shopping malls & complexes, amazing apartments, and beautiful bungalows. Petroleum manufacturing and tea manufacturing & processing plays a vital role and contribute a substantial share to the economy of the city. There are various other sectors and industries which are flourishing well with the available infrastructure of the city. The city like Guwahati can be certainly a great place for thriving food business can café franchise business. Brewbakes Café franchise opportunity in Guwahati can be a superior option for you if you wish to run your own franchised coffee café shop with remarkable franchise support and consultation service.

Guwahati is also an important city in terms of tourism. There are several historical sites, religious places, and cultural sites apart from beautiful landscapes and pleasant climate. In fact, there are countless reasons to visit the beautiful city of Guwahati. You will find cozy and delightful tourism experience every time you visit the city. If we talk about religious places then you can find several holy places for Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists. There are many ancient Hindu temples in the city which have given it the name “City of Temples”. Shakti Temple of Goddess Kamakhya, Basistha Temple of Lord Shiva, Dirgheshwari Temple of Goddess Durga, Lankeshwar Temple of Lord Shiva, Rudreswar Temple of Lord Shiva, Ugro Tara Temple, Umananda Temple, Shree Shyam Mandir of Khatushyam, and Navagraha Temple are some of noteworthy Hindu temples in the city of Guwahati. Located the distance of 24km from the city of Guwahati, Hajo is an ancient pilgrimage center for three religions: Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims. There are several Hindu temples at Hajo. Powa or Poa Mecca is a famous Muslim pilgrimage center at Hajo. Hayagriva Madhava Temple (a group of temples) at Hajo is equally famous among Hindus and Buddhists. All these famous holy places are visited and explored by a large gathering of domestic tourists and international tourists as well, every year. Apart from holy places and historical sites, the city is also known for rich flora and fauna. There are some famous wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in and around the city of Guwahati which are visited by hordes of tourists. Such a large gathering of tourists’ arrival in the city can be a great customer base and advantageous for Brewbakes Café franchise business. Hence, Brewbakes café franchise business in Guwahati can be a great opportunity for people who wish to start a food business in low investment to receive constant source of income.

One big reason for Brewbakes café franchise business is being Guwahati the major educational hub of Northeast India. There are a number of prestigious and esteemed schools, colleges, universities and educational institutions in the city of Guwahati imparting quality education. Indian Institute of Technology, Gauhati University, Cotton College (upgraded to Cotton University), Tara Institute of Social Sciences, Assam Don Bosco University, Assam Down Town University, National Law University and Judicial Academy, Gauhati Medical College & Hospital, Assam Engineering College, Don Bosco College of Engineering & Technology, Indian Institute of Information Technology, Assam Institute of Management, Don Bosco Institute of Management, Guwahati College of Architecture, Assam Institute of Hotel Management, Institute of Hotel Management, Army Public School, Don Bosco School, and Royal Global University are some of most popular educational institutions in the city of Guwahati. Being a prominent educational hub, the city attracts a large gathering of students from different parts of the world. The large hordes of students and faculties would be a wonderful consumer base for Brewbakes Café. Brewbakes Café can provide warm and welcoming atmosphere for students where they can hang out and make conversations with their friends enjoy a cup of hot coffee and delicious food.

Guwahati has also several modern shopping malls and vibrant shopping complexes, creating favorable circumstances for Brewbakes Café. HUB, Dona Planet, Fort Mall, Sohum Shoppe, Paan Bazaar, Paltan Bazaar, Fancy Bazaar, Ganesh Gudi, GS Road, Cube Mall, Roodraksh Mall, City Center Mall, Maati Center, Pantaloons, etc are some of famous shopping areas in the city of Guwahati where Brewbakes café franchise business can be thrive well.

Brewbakes franchise business is flourishing in Guwahati

Brewbakes café franchise business is growing strength to strength. It has franchise network across the nation. Currently the brand has 35+ café outlets making presence in 14+ states and 25+ cities of India. Getting bigger day by day in the Indian food industry, it aims to 200+ café outlets by 2019. Expanding its legs and becoming India’s most favorite brand in food industry, Brewbakes now is expanding its legs in the city of Guwahati offering food business and café coffee shop opportunities to the people who are keen to make investment for constant source of income and getting a member of reputed brand family.

Current Location of Brewbakes Café in Guwahati

GS Road, Six Mile, Guwahati, Assam

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