Situated on the banks of Beas River and more than 81 temples, Mandi is a famous tourist and pilgrimage destination in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Establishing a coffee house in such exotic and beautiful places where thousands of tourist come from different parts of the country will be a profitable venture for you. If you are really looking for an opportunity to start your own coffee shop in Mandi then, Brewbakes Cafe is offering you the best opportunity. Brewbakes Cafe is one of the leading food brands in India and has more than thousands of operational coffee house in all over India and is now offering cofffee cafe franchise opportunity in Mandi for all those who want to start their own business with low investment. This business requires low investment and ensure constant source of income and when you have a brand loyalty of Brewbakes Cafe then, you should not give it a second thought to start or establish your own coffee shop in Mandi. Grab the opportunity and become your own boss by opening Brewbakes coffee cafe in Mandi.

Why Brewbakes Cafe Franchise in Mandi?

When it comes to start a business it is always the location that matters and of course the brand you are partnering with. So, it is always advisable to partner with one of the renowned or top brands that can ensure constant source of income. Brewbakes is one of the leading food brands in India and with this you need not to put efforts for branding your business as Brewbakes is already a well-established one. Mandi is the second most populated cities in Himachal Pradesh after Shimla also it draws several tourist from all around the country every year hence, Mandi is really potent for establishing a coffee shop.

Mandi is the Varanasi of the east with more than 81 Temples. It is amazingly beautiful and picturesque town of Himachal Pradesh and there are many top attractions of Mandi like Prashar Lake Track, Bhutnath Temple, Rewalsar Lake, Pandoh Dam, and much more. Other than there are also street market areas that are best to establish a coffee shop. Select the best location where you can attract more customers and enjoy regular returns on your investment with great profits too. Brewbakes coffee cafe is the best franchise opportunity for you as they are ready to help you with preset up support, franchise training support, staff training support, recruitment of staff, furniture setup support,  along with solid business plans with concrete marketing strategies. So, partner with leading food brand and be a member of fast-growing food business family.