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Why Brewbakes Café Franchise in Tirupur?

Tirupur, also spelled as Tiruppur, is a notable city in the Kongu Nadu region of the south-Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is the 4th largest city by area in Tamil Nadu. Tirupur is highly famous for its cotton knitwear export which leads up-to 90% of India’s cotton knitwear export. This has earned Tirupur the title of ‘knitwear capital of India’. Tirupur is considered to be the fifth largest urban agglomeration in Tamil Nadu.

It lies at the centre of the South Indian Peninsula, 450 kilometres south-west of the state capital Chennai and approximately 50 kilometres east of Coimbatore. It is situated on the banks of the river Noyyal. Tirupur was inhabited by different rulers in the past and is of historical relevance. Its existence can be traced back to 10th century.

Tirupur has abundant tourist locations, from temples to parks, from picturesque dams to hills-capes. Talking about temples, Sukreeswarar Temple built in the 10th century is amongst the most prominent temples situated at the outskirts of Tirupur. Other tourist locations are Sivanmalai, Thirumoorthy Hills, Amaravathi Crocodile Farm Tirupathi Temple, Andipalayam Lake, and Orathuppalayam Dam. The Town Hall, Tirupur Kumaran memorial, corporation memorial pillar are other highlights in the city. These tourist driven areas can help you venture into coffee café business with already a large number of potential clients hovering around.

As already mentioned, Tirupur is the hub for cotton knitwear exports and abundance of textile industries in and around it, employing a maximum of 6 lac people. Tirupur was originally an agricultural town due to the fertile soil of Nayyal River. Gradually the small farmland owners of various textile related units collaborated leading to a boon in the textile industry and paved the way for a structured textile and cotton knitwear industry marking as the highest contributor to the economy of the city.

In lieu of this there are many Industrial parks that have developed to facilitate the growth of the textile industry. Some of which are Nethaji Apparel Park, Tirupur Export Knitwear Industrial Complex, SIDCO Industrial Estate and J.S. Apparel Park are the ones fully operational. Nethaji Apparel Park has almost 53 companies manufacturing knitwear for exports.

With such an infusion of service sector in the city, it shows a positive inclination towards overall growth and development. The spur in the textile industry in the past three decades has contributed significantly to the foreign exchange of India. Tirupur has an equally prominent educational foundation. The infrastructure is sound and developed. Tirupur is the ideal location to set-up a coffee café outlet especially when you have the opportunity of franchising system with the food and beverage brand of India. Brewbakes Hospitality & Sons Pvt. Ltd. helps you in all technical and operational assistance, staff recruitment and training and much remarkable support to help you meet the market standard.

Brewbakes franchise business is flourishing in Tirupur

Brewbakes café franchise business is growing strength to strength. It has franchise network across the nation. Currently the brand has 50+ café outlets making presence in 20+ states and 30+ cities of India. Getting bigger day by day in the Indian food industry, it aims to 200+ café outlets by 2019. Expanding its legs and becoming India’s most favourite brand in food industry, Brewbakes now is expanding its legs in the city of Tirupur offering food business and café coffee shop opportunities to the people who are keen to make investment for constant source of income and getting a member of reputed brand family.

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