Every wondered if you can have your own coffee shop in Kathmandu? Want to have the franchise of a reputed coffee brand in the national capital of Nepal? Well, this is the place where you can end up all the desires because BrewBakes is presenting here with the opportunity to do business with this reputed Indian brand which is expanding its business at Kathmandu and other cities of Nepal as well. The place provides a great business opportunity because of the potential in the area. BrewBakes is one of the fastest growing coffee house chains in India and Kathmandu being the first international destination for the same, the company is looking forward to occupy a big share in the coffee house business in the city. You can have your own coffee house grasping the coffee shop franchise opportunity in Kathmandu offered by BrewBakes and earn a good profit out of the same. This is not just an opportunity but the best offer for your lifetime which you can encash with a great profit. We are also offering coffee shop master franchise opportunity in Nepal.

Why BrewBakes Coffee Shop Franchise in Kathmandu, Nepal?

The national capital of Nepal is a hub of opportunities, whether you take the tourism sector, the education sector or the international business and trade, there is no second thought in this that Kathmandu is one amongst the fastest growing economies in the world. Considering the opportunity of getting a coffee shop franchise in Kathmandu or coffee shop master franchise opportunity in Nepal then it is now going to be very simple for the upcoming businessmen because BrewBakes is selling the Franchise for Kathmandu outlets now. If you are still wondering why you should have a coffee shop in Kathmandu and whether it would be a profitable deal for you then we are here with few of the facts and figures that would help you in understanding the potential in the market and the profit it can bring to you.

Kathmandu is the largest metropolitan city of Nepal with the population of 1.5 million approx. it is located in the central part of Nepal and is basically in the shape of a bowl. Being the national capital of Nepal, it is amongst the most happening destinations in the country. The city hosts the maximum number of hotels, restaurants, coffee houses and motels in all over the country. Tourism is one amongst the biggest portion of the city’s economics and hence one could find people from different parts of the world roaming around the city.

The valley of Kathmandu is historically depicted as Nepal Mandala and is the home to Newar culture. It was the capital of the royals of Nepal and still the royal family reside at the city only. It is amongst the most developed cities in Nepal and hence a hub of opportunities for all sort of business. Kathmandu is always in the center of attraction to the foreign nations, whether it is the earthquake in 2015 or the headquarters of SAARC nations in Kathmandu; countries around the world can never take off their eyes of Kathmandu. The major spoken language here is Nepali and people do understand Hindi and the literate population of the city also understands English.

Tourism in Kathmandu, Nepal: Kathmandu is the centre of Nepal’s economy and tourism plays a vital role in that. High arrival of tourist in the city is one amongst the reasons why it has been ranked third in the list of top ten upcoming travel destinations in the world by TripAdvisor. Not only domestic tourism but the city also witnesses a great footfall of international travellers. There are many archaeological sites, and beautiful locations around the city that embarks the way of travellers to visit this great land of Buddha. Nepal is the only Hindu Nation around the world and Kathmandu homes the world famous monument or Hindu temple of Lord Shiva, Pashupati Nath Temple. Other than this, the city also has many monuments and temples devoted to Buddha, who took birth in the pious land of Nepal. Other than this Durbar Square and Dharhara Tower are other peculiar attractions of the city. Few places that one should not miss visiting at Kathmandu are Swayambhunath, Boudhanath and Budhanilkantha. Even the whole city is an attraction for tourist. Considering the great footfall of travellers in the city, it can be undoubtedly stated that the city has a great potential for coffee house business, hence if you are partnering with BrewBakes then definitely it would always bring back good profit.

Business Opportunities in Kathmandu, Nepal: Kathmandu is one amongst the major halts of Silk Route which connects India to Tibet, mainly for the business purpose and the trend continue till now. From centuries past, Lhasa Newar merchants of Kathmandu have conducted trade across the Himalaya. Getting the antique work of Tibet and China and that too at the most affordable price is what makes Kathmandu one amongst the most seek destinations in Nepal for shopping. People from all across the country and also the neighbouring countries like India, come here for shopping and for the business purposes too. The trend of business and trade in Kathmandu and the city being the hub of business in the country, there is again a great scope for coffee house business here because ultimately the more the people, the great business it would extract from them.

Educational Institutions in Kathmandu, Nepal: Coffee house is a college thing, there are many who still believe in the same. If you are also in the same thoughts then your idea of having a coffee shop franchise in Kathmandu would help you out because the city homes the maximum number of educational institutes as compared to the other parts of the country. Few of the major names in educational colleges and institutes in Kathmandu are Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, Durbar High School, Kathmandu Medical College, St. Xavier College, Ratna Rajya Laxmi Campus, Kathmandu Engineering College, Siddharth Vanasthali Insitute, Thames International, Prime College, The British College, Islington College, Lord Buddha Educational Foundation, Kantipur City College, Tri-Chandra College, are few of the renowned names in the city. As the youth prefers to enjoy their free time in coffee houses and hence owning the one at this very prominent city of Kathmandu would bring great business.

Industries and Offices at Kathmandu & Nepal: With this, there are many offices and industrial houses in Kathmandu; hence again the coffee house in the city would always witness a great footfall of the customers. Countries around the world have their headquarters in Kathmandu, with this, it also homes many international organizations like SAARC, WHO, UNO, etc. This all again makes it a great city to explore the business in coffee house.

On the basis of our deep research which we have conducted on the city, undoubtedly it could be said that there is a great business opportunity for a coffee house in the city. Come and partner with BrewBakes and give wings to your dream of owning your own coffee house in this very prominent location of Nepal. We are offering coffee shop master franchise opportunities in those passionate people who are looking for business opportunities in Nepal or its capital Kathmandu which can be started with low capital investment.

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