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How to Make Pizza Binging Healthier than Any Pizza Franchise?

By August 29, 2019March 22nd, 2020No Comments

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Pizzas are one dish that everybody loves to order. This continental dish is many favorites of many across the world.

However, even foodies today lookout for ideas and ingredients that can make their regular pizza much healthier than any pizza franchise.

If you are one of those foodies then this blog is definitely for you. It discusses some tips and ingredients that can be added to your pizza.

So you don’t have to cut your pizza cravings to meet your diet regime targets. You can just bring a twist to your pizzas and enjoy binging.

Ideas to Make Pizza Healthier –

# Order Thin Crust Not Deep Pan – If you have always loved ordering deep pan pizzas then it’s time to change it. To make your pizza healthier, avoid deep pan pizzas to cut on your calorie and carb count.

Not just loads of calories but deep pan also has cheese and various kinds of toppings. So, you might end up consuming the ingredients that are not considered healthy.

# Eat from Plate, Not The Box – It’s so handy and easy to start munching your favorite pizza directly from the takeaway box of pizza franchise when it arrives, isn’t it?

But if you want to have a controlled diet then you better serve yourself the pizza slices in a plate.

When you eat from a plate, you can trick the brain into thinking that it has eaten more. On the other hand, when you see a large pizza in the box with so many slices and you just pick one, you tend to think that you can eat much more.

# Blot Away Extra Oil – If you didn’t know then know it now. The pizza franchise or cafe chain that uses hard cheese, which actually releases much oil when baked.

Note that each teaspoon of oil contains about 4.5 grams of fat and around 40 kilocalories. Isn’t it much? It is. So, what you can do is just blot the pizza a bit. At least, some of its contents will be absorbed by the tissue paper.

# Cut Smaller Slices – The more you are served, the more you tend to eat. So, it is better to cut smaller sizes, so that you have less to eat.

Like dietitian advice to eat in a smaller plate to consume less, smaller pizza slices will make you eat less and still feel full.

# No Stuffed Crust – No doubt, stuffed crust tastes even more delicious and is much preferred by many. But you should know that this stuffed crust is usually stuffed with butter or cheese.

And of course, cheese and butter both have high caloric value and can increase the fat content in your body, which is not at all good for health.

# Order Less Cheese – A freshly baked pizza with loads of pizza in its crust is sure to tempt anybody and everybody.

For many, it is double cheese burst pizza which is the first-to-order dish. But now, you should make a change to your order. Better order a thin crust pizza with loads of veggies this time.

# Avoid Certain Toppings – Love fatty sausages, creamy sauces, and pepperoni on your pizza? No more of all these now. Instead of this, you should opt for healthier options like more vegetables.

When it comes to the pizza topping, you should choose tomatoes, jalapenos, capsicum, mushrooms, olives, peppers, onions, and other seasonal veggies. This way, you will be able to make your pizza more nutritious.

Besides the above-mentioned tips, you can also attempt to make your own tomato sauce. Since the sauces that you get in the market have loads of sugar content in them, they are not healthy.

To make it, all you need is tinned tomatoes and add onions, carrots, etc. into it. You will have a freshly made sauce with loads of veggies in it.

In addition to this, you must use whole wheat flour to make pizza dough, if you are preparing it all by yourself. It is a refined flour with a complex carbohydrate. It will give you all the nutrients and you will also feel fuller.

Now if you are thinking about visiting a nice cafe near your home to try out the best pizza then look out for one on the internet.

Just go through the services of the café coffee franchises or pizza franchise that you see on the top 5 results of the search engines. You can check out their menus and the prices as well.

Comparing the dishes and prices of different cafes will help you in reaching the best café. So, lookout for the best cafe company and try out the healthiest pizza this time. Have a happy pizza binging!

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