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How To Make Your Regular Omelette Taste Better like Brewbakes Cafe?

By July 17, 2019March 22nd, 2020No Comments
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Are you bored of munching on the same omelette every morning? Thinking about innovative ways to add extra flavor to your breakfast?

If yes then you are here at the right place. This blog discusses some of the interesting ways in which you can spice up your omelette.

No doubt, eggs are considered nature’s perfect food and is one of the most favorite dishes of many around the world.

This powerhouse of nutrition can escalate the nutritional value of the body and can be consumed in breakfast, lunch or dinner. Yes, you can enjoy an omelette whenever you want.

With this blog, your imagination will go wild and your regular dish can turn from boring into super-interesting. The best part about omelettes is that they can be personalized and altered according to the taste.

Whether you like more of tomatoes in them or you want to try different sauces over it, you can always enhance the taste as you like it.

You can go through the below discussed interesting recipes of omelette and savor the yummiest breakfast ever.

Interesting Add-on To Make Your Omelette Tastier –

# Lime, Salsa, and Avocado – If you haven’t tried these ingredients on your regular omelette then it is the time to do it now.

All these ingredients are the ones that can be picked right from the garden. What you can do is just make a nice salsa recipe with lots of tomatoes, onions, lime, cilantro, and garlic.

You must take garlic and cilantro in abundance, as these two ingredients are going to add extra flavor to your dish.

# Garlic, Onion, Bacon, and Herb – This time, just try making Hollandaise sauce. Don’t panic! It’s highly easy to prepare. The ingredients you need for this are butter, salt, lemon and of course, eggs.

You just put all these ingredients together and whip them all thoroughly. To add taste to it, you can add on more of your much-loved ingredients like parsley and cilantro.

Yes, adding herbs with the touch of bacon will only act as a cherry on the top. Rest, you can experiment with the dish and make changes according to your taste and preference.

# Chicken, Capers, and Hollandaise – The hollandaise that is talked about earlier can be used in a different way as well.

Inspired by chicken piccata, it is different from the piccata sauce and can make a perfect combo with eggs. Think of having the flavor of chicken and eggs together, yummy, isn’t it?

Hollandaise sauce, when combined with eggs, make a dish that you might have not tasted yet.

# Hummus and Bell Peppers – Never tried making hummus? Do it now. To prepare hummus, you just need to put together with boiled chickpeas and tahini.

Tahini is basically prepared with grounded sesame seeds, cloves of garlic, a few tablespoons of oil, lemon juice, and mineral salt.

Add them all in the right ratio, as the disturbed ratio can alter the taste and can make it either too bitter or too salty.

Now, you can use this hummus on the bell peppers including yellow, red and orange. Slurp! The omelette is going to be relishing like never before.

# Kimchi and Cream Cheese – To prepare Kimchi, you just need to have green onions, cabbage, radish, carrots, garlic, ginger, pepper, and salt as per your taste.

You need to pound all these ingredients with whey, to let them lacto-ferment. Add this to your omelette in the breakfast with the further topping of cream cheese.

If you are now wondering about preparing the cream cheese yourself then you can just strain the whey from yogurt and then use the remaining part as cream cheese.

It is sure that your imagination must have received fuel now and you are all set to prepare the most delicious dressing for your omelette.

Just try to take the full advantage of herbs and whatever ingredients you like in your daily omelette. If you want to try it out at your nearest café coffee franchise opportunities then you can do that as well.

You will have to look out for one good coffee cafe franchise opportunities by searching through the net and then choosing the one that you find offers the best dishes.

Yes, you can always compare the prices of different cafes and then make your choice wisely.

You can check out the ratings of the cafes and also the feedback of the customers who have tried and tasted the dishes of that café in the past.

This way, you will get an idea of how the quality of the food is and whether the café fulfills what it claims or not. So, it is better to choose the café franchise opportunities that have positive customer feedback and high ratings.

Once you have found one such café like Brewbakes cafe, you can enjoy the most exclusive varieties of omelettes and shakes. Happy binging!

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