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Tasty Recipe Chicken Tikka Quesadilla Roll

By December 18, 2020No Comments
Chicken Tikka Quesadilla Roll

Chicken tikka is a chicken dish originating in the Indian subcontinent; the dish is popular in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. It is traditionally small pieces of boneless chicken baked using skewers on a brazier called angeethi after marinating in Indian spices and Dahi (yoghurt). Chicken tikka recipe Tandoori chicken tikka is one of the most popular chicken starter or appetizer from Indian Cuisine. You can have Chicken Tikka Roll using 27 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Chicken Tikka Quesadilla Roll

1.Prepare 1 bowl of boneless chicken.
2.It’s 3 of big onion thinly sliced.
3.It’s 2 of green chillies thinly sliced.
4.Prepare 2 of capsicum thinly sliced.
5.It’s 1 tbsp of soya sauce.
6.You need 2 tbsp of black pepper powder.
7.You need 1 tbsp of tomato ketchup.
8.Prepare To taste of Salt.
9.It’s 1 tsp of red food colour.
10.Prepare of To marinate boneless chicken.
11.Prepare 1 bowl of boneless chicken cut into small pieces.
12.Prepare 1 tsp of red chilli powder.
13.It’s 1 tbsp of ginger garlic paste.
14.You need 1 tsp of garam masala powder.
15.You need 1 tsp of black pepper powder.
16.Prepare 1 tsp of soya sauce.
17.It’s to taste of Salt.
18.You need 1 tsp of vinegar.
19.You need 2 tbsp of cornflour.
20.Prepare 2 tbsp of rice flour.
21.It’s as needed of Oil for deep frying.
22.Prepare of For roll.
23.You need 2 cups of maida/All-purpose flour.
24.It’s 1 tsp of salt.
25.You need 1 tsp of sugar.
26.Prepare 2 tbsp of curd.
27.It’s as needed of Water.

It is also popular across the world. Tikka means a cube or a piece that is grilled. Chicken Tikka Roll, Zeera Paratha And Dahi Ki Chutney – Yummy Chicken Tikka Roll, Zeera Paratha And Dahi Ki Chutney by Chef Rubi Taj. Watch and note down the recipe for your upcoming.

Chicken Tikka Quesadilla Roll instructions

1.Take a vessel to add roll ingredients given and knead the soft dough adding required water. And rest for half an hour.

2.For chicken tikka- take a bowl to add all ingredients given above for tika mix it and keep aside for half an hour.

3.After half an hour keep oil in a Kadai for heating once oil gets heat place chicken tika- and fry until chicken gets cooked and take it in a tissue paper.

4.For chicken tikka masala- take a Kadai to add oil add onion sliced green chilli capsicum and saute till it gets transculent. Do not cook more add soya sauce salt black pepper and saute till it gets fragrant add fried chicken colour and mix it and close the lid and rest for 5 minutes.

5.For roll- knead the dough again make medium size ball and roll roti in a board and roast in Tawa adding ghee or oil both sides. Once roti is done take it in a plate add tikka stuffing into it and roll it using aluminium foil or tissue and serve it with mint chutney and mayonnaise. Cut aluminium foil into same pieces. 6.Ready to Serve.

Chicken tikka can also be made into chicken tikka masala, where the grilled chicken Traditionally, chicken tikka is baked in a clay oven called a tandoor, which makes this recipe a boneless. Chicken tikka can be used in so many different recipes! Chicken tikka being cooked by chefs at Hasan’s. You will get great results with this tried and tested tandoori chicken tikka recipe! Tandoori Chicken Tikka is cooked in a chilli and garlic marinade to create a delicious tikka dish.

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