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5 Ideas to Add Extra Flavor to Your Coffee With The Help of Brewbakes

By June 10, 2019March 22nd, 2020No Comments
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Do you wish to try a differently flavored coffee in one of the top 100 franchise in India like Brewbakes cafe? Wondering of ingredients that can add flavor to your regular coffee?

If yes then here we are with the best ingredients to pep-up the taste of your coffee.

To whatever level you love coffee, you tend to get bored with the same taste over a period of time. No doubt, the same old coffee, and cream combo can make you lose interest in coffee.

So, this blog is about some interesting ways to add extra flavor to your regular coffee. Go through these ways mentioned as under-

5 Ways To Add Extra Flavor To Your Regular Coffee –

# Ginger – If you think that ginger is only good for tea then it’s the time to try it out with coffee. All you need to do is to add a few chopped slices of ginger to your coffee before brewing.

If not the full ginger then you can also use ginger powder for that purpose. For sure, gingerbread lovers will love the flavor of ginger in their coffee.

Get ready to enjoy not a typical coffee that you regularly have but a unique seasonal drink in the top 100 franchise in India.

# Lavender – Lavender is that one flavor that has been a favorite of many. This spice can give you a seasonal twist to your coffee with a floral aroma and taste.

If you do not like strong and dark coffees then lavender would be the right choice, as it adds bright and citrus brew to it. To add lavender spice to your coffee, you just need to add dried lavender, grind it and then add coffee t it.

However, you should not exceed the quantity of lavender because it can make your coffee taste soapy and instead of liking it, you will dislike it altogether. You can order the dried lavender flowers from a good online store.

# Vanilla Extract – Vanilla is one of those flavors that is sure to boost the taste of your coffee. Right from chocolates, sweets to coffee, vanilla extract is added to make it all tastier.

Vanilla is a nice option if you do not wish to consume added calories with that cream and sugar in your coffee.

In addition to this, you should know that longer you will mix the bean with grounds, better the taste of vanilla will be. Also, you should only buy original vanilla extract from a reputed online store.

# Cardamom – Cardamom not only tastes well in tea but also in coffee. This spice will add an exotic flavor to it and will also render its health benefits.

You should know that cardamom has various minerals and fibers in it, which is known to improve the blood circulation in the human body. Add a few seeds of cardamom to your freshly brewed coffee and grind it all together.

# Cinnamon – If you wish to spice up your coffee, add cinnamon to it. Morning coffees taste better with a tinge of cinnamon flavor to them.

The best part about cinnamon is that it also has antioxidants, which is known to escalate the health of the immune system. So, next time when you brew your coffee, just add a bit of cinnamon powder to it.

Besides this, you can also add butter to your coffee and other ingredients that you think would make your coffee tastier. Also, you can visit a nice coffee café franchise to try out some of the interesting coffees and snacks.

To get on to the best available cafe franchise in your area, you can explore the internet and check out the Brewbakes cafe franchise displayed on the top of the search engines is a top 100 franchise in India.

With this, you should also keep certain factors in minds such as the reputation of the cafe franchise, feedbacks of the customers who have already tried that place, variety of coffees offered and the prices.

The one that you find offers the widest range of coffees at the most realistic prices should be chosen.

On the other hand, if you find some negative reviews about any café then it is better to avoid it if you do not want to regret your decision to visiting that place later.

Thus, it is the time to try out cinnamon, cardamom, butter, butter, vanilla extract, ginger and other interesting ingredients to your daily dose of coffee.

It is sure that when you will do such coffee experiments on a regular basis, you will fall in for coffee even more.

So, brew your coffee either yourself or reach the finest café near your place to let them serve you with the freshly brewed coffee. Have a warm and cozy day like your coffee!

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