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6 Delectable Pancake Toppings Other Than Maple Syrup

By May 25, 2019March 22nd, 2020No Comments

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Perhaps, a fluffy pancake and maple syrup is an ideal American classic. There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t like munching upon a freshly prepared pancake with a soft center and crispy edges.

And when it comes to the delicious liquid-gold maple syrup, it is widely used to adorn the pancakes with a mix of other spicy and tangy ingredients in any fast food franchise.

To whatever level you enjoy having pancakes, you are likely to get weary of trying the same flavor every next day. So, how about making your pancakes interesting and different each morning?

Well, this article talks about some of the unique toppings that can make your regular pancakes tastier and healthier.  It is sure that these pancake topping ideas will tempt you and you would want to try most of them.

6 Pancake Toppings For Breakfast in A Fast Food Franchise –

# Sauces and Syrups – Besides maple syrup, you can go with other syrups like coconut and chocolate. Tried the booze syrup?

If not, do it now! Create a mixture of two different fruit juices (you can choose only oranges too), add lemon, caster sugar and a bit of Grand Marnier. All it will take is just 10 minutes to heat and thicken.

No doubt, this boozy syrup will boost the taste of your pancake and even your kids can enjoy them due to very low alcohol content (the remaining evaporates while cooking, so safe).

With this, you can also give caramel sauce and other homemade syrups a try.

# Spice and Sugar – Ever thought of creating a fusion of sugar and lemon juice? If not then try it right away. To create a delicious contrast of tartness and sweetness, cafes these days are offering sugar & spice topping on the pancakes.

You can also hop onto lavender sugar by adding dried lavender buds to the sugar and letting it sit for at least a day. Sift the buds out and enjoy the purple-hued flavor.

# The Fruit Punch – If you love fruity flavors then this is going to allure you the most. Try out strawberries, cranberries, blueberries or blackberries, and top them on pancakes.

These colorful pearls will add a tanginess to your dish and will balance the sweetness of the sweet syrup.

The good part is that these berries are rich in Vitamin C and thus, rich in antioxidants. Likewise, you can also try avocado, banana, and others, as per your taste.

# Sins of Chocolate – How about pouring melted chocolate over your pancake? Sinful, isn’t it? You can adorn your pancake with all kinds of chocolate shapes and varieties including dark, brown, white, vegan and others.

Whether they are chocolate chips, chunks, cream, syrup, sauce or flakes, you can add it all to your pancake. Try out chopping two Snickers bars mixed with heavy cream and then melting it over low flame. Slurp, slurp!

# Flavor of Crunch – If you love the crisp and crunch then give the nuts topping a try. This is considered the best topping, as nuts not only provide the crunchy flavor but also are nutritious.

They are rich in calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, and potassium with vitamins B and E in them.

So, next time when you prepare a pancake, chop a few raw walnuts, almonds, pecans and pistachios, and sprinkle them over your pancake.

# Creamy Topping – Trying out the yogurt and sour cream over a pancake wouldn’t be a bad idea. Yes, that creamy taste will enhance the overall taste of your pancake.

The easiest and the quickest creamy topping is to combine whipped cream with the fruit slices of your choice. Adding Nutella to it? Oh yeah, there you are!

Invite peanut butter with the added taste of chopped peanuts, chocolate chips, ground biscuits and other crispy ingredients that you think might go well with the cream.

So, the next time when you are all set to bake a pancake, do not just stick to the typical maple syrup topping.

Add a twist of flavors and experience the inexperienced. You can also look-out for a fast food franchise like Brewbakes to try out the pancakes. Happy binging!

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