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8 Must Try Unique Waffle Flavors in Best Cafe in India – Brewbakes Cafe

By May 6, 2019March 22nd, 2020No Comments

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Who doesn’t like a finely dressed waffle with chocolate chips, powdered sugar, and berries? Sweet or savory, waffles are just perfect to be paired up with any meal.

You must have tried regular flavors including vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. However, this blog discusses some of those flavors that you might have not heard of even.

 8 Unique Waffle Flavors that Are A Must Try –

# Cookies and Cream Waffle- If you love cookies then you must try Cookies and Cream Waffle. The crispy waffle with the crunch of cookies and smoothness of cream will make you go gaga over the waffle.

So, the next time when you enjoy Oreo cookies, give them a twist by crushing them up and adding them into the waffle. You can add another layer of sprinkled cookies on the top to make it crunchier.

# Mac and Cheese Waffle – Whether you are having your breakfast or dinner, you can always add this Mac and Cheese Waffle to your dessert.

Just try sandwiching the cheese and creamy mac between your waffle to make it cheesier and tastier. Yes, it would then become the tallest stack of carbs that you will ever eat.

# Pizza Waffle – For the pizza lovers, pizza waffle is here to make them drool. When pizza and waffles are blended together, they make the perfect combo.

Think of pepperoni and mozzarella cheese coming together in your waffle with flaky biscuits and the final topping of the pizza sauce.

# Chicken Stuffed Waffle – Here’s a grand feast for the chicken freaks! Now, you can try Chicken Stuffed Waffle. Yes, you heard that right!

Now you can stuff your favorite chicken right into your crispy waffle to savor the taste of both.

To add on to the flavor, you can go on sprinkling spring onions and the syrup of your choice. Try maple syrup, as it will go well with the entire dish.

# Cinnamon Roll Waffle – Have cinnamon rolls? Why not make Cinnamon Roll Waffles? This will be the most interesting waffle flavor that you will ever try.

Considered perfect for breakfast, these cinnamon roll waffles have become favorite of many. They are not only healthy but taste better & different from other flavored waffles.

# Potato Waffle – Who says potatoes taste better only in fries? It is the time to try waffles with the flavor of potatoes. There are cafes today that stuff the waffles with hash browns and serve it with the delicious maple syrup.

If you are trying it yourself then you may go with loading the waffle with fried eggs and bacon. The crisp and smoothness together are sure to make you fall for this waffle.

# Vanilla Berry Waffle – If you don’t like vanilla ice cream alone then add it to your waffle. You can even try topping up your waffle with mascarpone and berries.

In berries, you may choose blueberries, cranberries or any other that you like. Adding a little honey to it will just be a cherry on the top.

# Chocolate Bacon Waffle – If you haven’t thought of bacon in a waffle then here is the time to try it now. You are going to love the crisp of waffle outside and the softness of chocolate and bacon inside.

Sounds yummy! Besides this, waffles can be made healthier with the right type of topping.

Some of the handpicked topping ideas include Greek yogurt with blueberries & honey, sliced kiwi with toasted coconut and pineapple pieces, applesauce with different nuts & cinnamon, fried eggs with avocado and others.

You can try other toppings as well including your much-loved flavors like cheese, macaroni, marshmallow fluff, Nutella, hot fudge sauce, cream cheese, and many others.

If you are not up for preparing a waffle all by yourself then you must visit the best cafe in India that offers the best waffles.

To find the best, you can do your own research about different coffee franchises like Brewbakes Cafe and learn about their variety of waffles and prices.

You can shortlist a few and then visit the one that is reputed and offers an array of scrumptious food items at a realistic price. Also, you should read the testimonials of the best cafe in India you are planning to visit.

All positive reviews hint at the company’s good reputation and popularity while negative reviews are a big No. You should visit the best cafe in India that have good reviews and ratings.

Thus, it is time to hunt for the finest and the best cafe in India and try out the most unique flavors of waffles. Happy binging!

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