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How to Beat Your Caffeine Addiction? 

By March 14, 2019March 20th, 2020No Comments

caffeine addiction

Are you a caffeine-addicted? Can’t do without 8 cups of coffee a day? If you are such an addict then it is the high time that you should get over this problem of caffeine addiction.

True that getting over any addiction is the biggest challenge one could ever face but it is not an impossible mission once you are determined.

No doubt, caffeine is somewhere healthy to our body but the access to it can be fatal to your health. Overconsumption of caffeine can put pressure on your adrenal glands, which further can cause fatigue.

This blog discusses some of the tested tips and ways that can help you in overcoming caffeine addiction. Read on further to know more about them-

Tips to Overcome Caffeine Addiction –

# Choose Green Tea- Substituting caffeine with green tea is the healthiest option you can ever think of. If you have a habit of consuming 4 cups of coffee per day then you can miss one cup and substitute it with green tea.

Gradually, when you will develop the taste of green tea, you can increase its dosage. You can later make it 2 cups of green tea and then 3 and then finally, replace the caffeine with a cup of healthy organic tea throughout the day.

# Prefer Other Milky Drinks- If you have an affection towards the milky drinks and this is the reason behind your overconsumption of coffee then you should prefer other milky drinks.

What you can do is, get yourself a cup of hot vanilla almond milk, chai latte, hot chocolate and other milky drinks that have no caffeine.

However, you should not forget that having a lot of chocolate can increase the sugar levels in your body. So, you have to go easy with chocolate consumption.

# Power of A Power Nap- A sleep of 20 minutes in the afternoon is a power nap that can rejuvenate your senses and body for hours after.

No doubt, having a nap at work is not possible and that your boss would not appreciate it, but take a nap wherever it is possible.

Taking a little sleep will kill your craving to have a coffee because when you will no longer feel sleepy, you will no longer be tempted to consume caffeine in any form.

# Calculate Carbs- The health experts suggest that you should calculate the carbohydrates that you consume in a day and especially in the afternoon.

It usually happens that after having lunch, you often feel lethargic and find it difficult to stay awake & work. This is due to the consumption of carbs and not proteins.

When you will calculate your carb diet, you will yourself avoid caffeine. Instead, make sure that you consume more proteins especially in lunch.

# Face It- Often, people ignore their own habits and fail to recognize that they have developed an addiction to something.

If this is the case with you then it is high time. You should sit back, relax and face the health issue that you are facing.

It is important to address your own habits and think of a solution that can help you overcome that addiction, caffeine addiction, in the current context.

# Show concern to wallet- Would you prefer spending your hard-earned bucks on buying a coffee in a lavish café? Or will you simply stick to a homemade hot chocolate?

If you are in a habit of sitting in cafes for hours and repeat ordering your favorite espresso then think twice now.

Many people consume caffeine just to experience the luxuriousness and the services of a popular café. Once you will give it a thought and have mercy on your wallet, you will consume less caffeine.

Dealing with A Caffeine Withdrawal Headache –

When you overcome caffeine addiction, you tend to get a severe headache. To get relief from this headache, you can opt for over the counter painkiller like aspirin, ibuprofen, and acetaminophen to mention a few.

You must consult a doctor before taking any pill in order to prevent any severe health issues in the future. With this, you can also apply peppermint oil on your forehead and temples and do a little massage with your fingers.

Keep it gentle and you are sure to get relief from it. Also, you can apply an ice pack at the back of your neck, as it is known that placing a cold pack has proved to reduced migraine pain.

Thus, it is the time that you should take steps to overcome your caffeine addiction and lead a healthier life. If the situation has worsened then you should consult a doctor for the same and start with early treatment.

Take care of your health, as it is the most prized possession. Also, you can plan to visit a good coffee franchise like Brewbakes to binge on a coffee that is healthier, when that caffeine urge strikes. Have a happy life!

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