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How to Give Excellent Customer Service at Your Café?

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excellent customer service

Running specialty coffee café can is a tricky business, this requires your efforts and funds along with lots of patience. Long term success in any business requires you to maintain the quality, efficiency and of course, excellent customer service, which helps you to grow your business faster and run it successfully.

If you want to run your café business successfully that you need to focus on your customer service. Well, the success of a business depends on three main pillars that are quality, efficiency and customer service. And amongst these three main pillars – customer service is the most important factor you need to focus on to run your café successfully.

So, here are the tips for the coffee franchise owners on how to give excellent customer service at your café to run a successful coffee shop in India.

Meaning of An Excellent Customer Service –

What is excellent customer service, really? Is it about getting the customers their orders as quickly as possible? Or is it talking to them very politely in a friendly way to ask them about their day?

It is serving the unique or special coffee or accommodating your customer’s all requests? What is the actual meaning of good service for you?

Before you start thinking about the ideas to serve better to your customers, you must know about good services and how to provide the best customer service at your café.

There is more than one way to provide great customer service and the model you chose will represent your brand.

And only a few companies or brands succeed, which completely ignores one of the main three pillars of business quality, efficiency, and excellent customer service.

But, you should not take the risk and must follow the three main pillars to make your business successful. According to the experts, customer services should be broken down into two categories – service and hospitality.

If you will be able to meet your customers’ requirements and they start feeling that they are being taken care then, you are carried out hospitality.

And if you will able to prepare the beverage in a timely manner then, these two together will bring out the customer service on the top of its game.

Always remember that customer care requires both quality and efficiency. And also don’t forget that every customer has different expectations so, you will have to work accordingly to meet your customer expectations.

Design a Space

As now you know your business goals then, it’s the time to create a café layout. You should know that the workspace design is key to smooth operation. The right design café or a restaurant will facilitate customer interaction and improve efficiency.

Your café should be spacious for the customers and the baristas as well. The design should be done where you can easily place all the chairs or tables and machines properly.

Think about your espresso machine make sure it is positioned in a way so that the baristas can easily access everything they need without either having to travel too far or feeling too crowded.

And also think about the customers. Is it easy for people to work out where they have to go and make an order and collect their drinks? If they want to ask any question or need any support then, can they locate a barista?

Points Help in Improving Customer Service –

  • Make it easier for the customers to know where they need to go to make the order.
  • Make it easier for the staff to focus on customers
  • Make it easier for the baristas to brew coffee quickly for the customers.

Equipment Make The Biggest Differences –

Sometimes some small features of restaurants make the big differences similarly, your choice of machinery or equipment in your café will have a huge impact on all three pillars.

Use the latest equipment and good espresso machine so that the baristas will not face any difficulties in brewing the coffees and serve it to the customers in a timely manner.

Hire the Right Baristas –

Barista skills are as important as customer service skills. In fact, we can say that barista skills are even more important.

You should hire the professional baristas for your café who are experienced and skilled enough to prepare the best drinks and handle customers.

When you buy a coffee café franchise then, you get the support from the franchiser to hire the baristas of staff for your café.

But, if you are running your own café then, you should recruit your baristas carefully. Make sure to ask the right questions to the baristas while interviewing them and they should not only respond with the right answer but with a positive attitude also.

Team spirit is also important so, if your baristas can’t work together then, they will not be to efficiently serve the customers.

As now you know your business goals, you have the right design with the right equipment and baristas then, it’s time to provide training to all the staff so, that you can give excellent customer service at your café.

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