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Why Meet for a Coffee in Brewbakes Cafe is the Best for First Date ?

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meet for a coffee

While a romantic dinner date or movie may seem like the obvious choice of Valentine’s Day date, meet for a coffee is the best for the first date.

Valentine is the day of love, people want to show and express their feelings of love, affection, and friendship, also there are some who opt for this special day to begin a new relationship.

Well, as Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and all the lovers worldwide are getting ready to plan a perfect date with their beloved.

Some plans candlelight dinner or movies to watch but, when it comes to the first-date then, it’s really nerve-wracking.

You need a comfortable space where you and your crush can feel comfortable and your conversation can go smoothly. And for this, meet for a coffee is the best for the first date.

We all are very well aware of the good health reasons to drink coffee in fact, some of us are die-hard fans or lovers of coffee. We often visit coffee shops to spend some quality time with our friends and family.

Almost everyone is so much familiar with the environment of the atmosphere of coffee shops so, you can go out for a cup of coffee for your first date.

Going out for a cup of coffee for your first date is the best and I have many reasons to prove this and none of them are romantic, because first-dates are not romantic.

The first dates are more about doing your due diligence to know how the person is, how he/she talks, whether the person seems cool to you or not, etc. You can say that the first dates are the prelude for more romantic second dates.

So, if on this Valentine’s Day you have no clue where you should go for your first-date then, it is suggested you grab a coffee. Here are the reasons meet for a coffee is the best for the first date.


Not everyone can afford the expenses of luxury dinner date night but, one can have a great date in a coffee shop without spending too much.

Even at upscale or high-end coffee shops, it won’t cost you more than, INR 1000 for a cup of coffee for two. So, going out for a coffee for the first date is actually very kind to your budget.

In fact, one should not go for an expensive first-date because the first-date occurs between two persons who don’t know much about each other. While a coffee date will be fun, it is a low-investment literally.

A Coffee Order Can Say Lot About the Person

As you are going on the date to know the person, what he/she likes, talks, etc. One can say a lot about a person from their coffee order.

Whether he wants to have espresso, request their beverage to be extra hot, or maybe they do not drink coffee at all. How a person orders a cup of coffee can tell a lot about his personality.

So, meet for a coffee can help you to know more about the person you want to date with.

Perfect for Conversation

You will be sitting in a comfortable chair or sofa with a peaceful ambiance having two hot beverages over your table so, what else you both will do than chat.

Your first-date is all about getting to know the person from outside the constraint you met up like dating sites, apps, through a friend, etc.

So, it is important to talk. While sipping your coffee you two can know even more about each other.

It’s Easy to Get Out

If you are not enjoying the date or just hating the date then, don’t worry as you are in a coffee shop and finishing your coffee won’t take too much time.

If you are not feeling well at all then, finish your coffee and let them know that you are done.  The person won’t get any other reason to stop you and you can easily get out of there.

They’re Super Casual

You don’t need to hunt for the perfect dress or outfit to wear for your first-date as you meet for coffee in the Brewbakes coffee shop.

You will see people who go to coffee shops wear informal and casual outfits. So, you don’t need to think much about your outfit.

You can go even after work and sit back in your recliner and have hot coffee if it’s winter, and ice-beverage is it’s warm outside.

These are the reasons why meet for a coffee is the best for the first date. So, if you are planning for your first date on this Valentine’s Day then, meet for a coffee in a good coffee shop in Delhi.

This will let you know more about the person and also you can figure out whether you are liking him/her and will this date will lead to the second date or not.

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