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Know How to Make A Low Calorie Healthy Sandwich

By March 19, 2020March 22nd, 2020No Comments

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Do you fancy sandwiches loaded with cheese and fatty toppings? I wish to binge upon high-fat caloric sandwiches but following a diet plan as business opportunities.

If yes then here we are to guide you with the best toppings and tastemakers for your sandwich that you can eat without cheating on your diet regimen.

These tips won’t require you to do much but will, of course, demand you to know about the number of calories that the ingredients you are stuffing have.

Go through the tips given by Brewbakes cafe as business opportunities below-

Tips to Make A Low-Calorie Healthy Sandwich –

# No Top Layer – The best of the dietitians have advised that you should not put that extra layer of bread on the top.

When you add that extra bread, you add more calories and carbs to your diet that are not recommended to consume when on dieting.

With that one extra bread, you mix about 70 to 80 calories to your daily diet and also, you make it a high protein with a high veggie meal. So, take off the top piece of bread.

# Wrap it Green – For a calorie cut sandwich, you will have to look for options that are healthier for wrapping your sandwich.

The best option would be to use lettuce and cabbage, whichever is available to you. This will help in reducing the calorie count by almost 120 to 200 calories.

However, if you are still wishing to have more carbs in your diet then you better use multigrain or whole-wheat tortilla in place of two different slices of bread. Just ensure that whatever type of bread you are using, it is low in calories.

# Opt for Pita – You must know that a whole-wheat bread has around 80 calories but on the other hand, a pita bread of 2 to 4 inches wide has about 70 calories only.

Though the difference is not much but each calorie counts when you are on a strict diet regimen.

See, if you are having your regular bread daily then you are having 10 extra calories daily, which will, of course, pile up and won’t help much in weight loss. So, better to opt for pita bread.

# Add an Egg – For that extra dose of protein, you can throw an egg on the top of bread once it is ready. It will add some extra healthy fat to your sandwich and will satiate your hunger too.

The good part here is that adding an egg will keep your tummy full for a longer time. This means that you will not have cravings and won’t look for an unhealthy breakfast when you have had an egg-rich sandwich.

# Use Low-calorie Condiments – If you are thinking about the ingredients to add moisture to your sandwich then opt healthily.

You can go for hummus, mustard or maybe a garlicky spread made with yogurt. Yes, you are open to the spreads that you usually make in your kitchen.

All you need to ensure is the calorie count of whatever you are preparing. The word of caution here is to not use sugar. Be wary of sugar and avoid using artificial sweeteners and other sweet sauces like tomato ketchup etc.

#Throw in More Veggies – Whenever you are in doubt about calories, add in more vegetables to your sandwich.

You can add whatever veggies that you feel like including cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, bell pepper, and anything and everything else. Oh yes! You may go for spouts too to add that extra healthy element to your regular sandwich.

# Avoid Deli Meats – According to the health experts, deli meats have sodium in them, which of course is not healthy especially for the person on a strict diet.

True that deli meats are low-maintenance protein source but you must avoid them still. Instead, you should choose to fill your sandwich with whole cooked chicken breasts, salmon fillets, and others.

If you want some quick-to-go filling then opt for canned chicken, tuna, salmon that does not have sodium in them.

3 Don’ts for a Healthy Sandwich –

# You must keep in mind to not layer your sandwich with cheese and not to make it buttery. This way, you will only gain calories that too, in huge numbers.

# Avoid white bread totally especially the one that has processed flours and preservatives in it.

# Do not binge upon a grilled sandwich. Note that grilled sandwiches do taste delicious, but they are prepared in lots of oil or butter to give them the right crisp. Better go for the raw, healthier package.

If you are still confused about what a healthy sandwich is, then you can just visit your nearby cafe coffee franchise to see and get better business opportunities.

Just explore the internet, look for the best available café business opportunities and enjoy the tastiest and the low calorie healthiest sandwiches that you have never had.

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