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Plan the Perfect Friends Reunion Party with These Ideas

By September 26, 2019March 22nd, 2020No Comments

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Meeting your old friends after a long time is the best feeling ever. High-school reunions provide you such a wonderful opportunity to meet your old friends and classmates.

You guys can remember the good times from the past and create new memories or can recreate the past memory.

It is true that the Perfect Friends Reunion Party is the best thing for us to relive the memories with our school friends but, it is also true that reunions don’t happen by themselves.

You will have to plan for a reunion party in a Brewbakes restaurant franchise. If you are dying to see your high-school or college friends then plan the perfect friends’ reunion party with these ideas.

Whether your class reunion celebrates five or fifty years, we have some amazing reunion party ideas for you.

Find Classmates –

The very first thing that you need to do is to contact your classmates to plan a reunion party. You can get in touch with them via phone calls, whats-app chats, emails, etc.

Without them, you can never be able to plan the high-school or college Perfect Friends reunion party. So, first, find your classmates and ask them to inform the other ones who are in their contact list and plan for the party.

Set A Date –

Once you found your friends, secure a date for the reunion party in the Brewbakes restaurant franchise.

Ask everyone and plan a date depending on everyone’s availability, because you will never want to miss any of friends especially when you all are putting so many efforts for a reunion.

For this, you can also create an event on Facebook or any other social media platforms picking a particular date and if no one is available on that date then discuss and set your date accordingly.

Now, as you have friends and have set the date then decide where you will meet and things you will do there. Here are some great reunion party ideas for you all.

Where to Party –

# Classroom – Why not go back to the place where it all started. You can take permission from the school authority to allow you to plan your reunion celebration at the school premises on Sunday or any other holidays.

This way you can relive the memories with your classmates at the same place.

Decorate your classroom using balloons, old photos, school pennants, class year banners, etc. Bring good tablecloths, napkins, foods, snacks, and drinks for you and your friends.

# Park or Playground – You can pick this place as well for your reunion party or celebration. The place where you all use to play games together.

Well, this is the place where we all have spent most of the time of our childhood days, the best part of arranging your party in a park or school playground is that you will get an open filed to play the same games you all used to play in school time.

# Brewbakes Coffee Shop – This will remind you of the time when you guys were on the mass bunk and used to spend the time here. Well, this is a wonderful idea to have a private party with your friends or gangs.

There are many coffee franchise chains in India that allow you to rent the space for your own private party. So, you guys can plan a reunion party at a Brewbaes coffee shop or Brewbakes restaurant franchise too.

If only a few of your friends are able to come to the reunion party then, you can go to any coffee shop and enjoy your time together.

These are the top places for you to organize a reunion party. Now, know what games you can play or fun activities to do to make your reunion more than a memorable moment.

Things to Do –

# Common but Interesting ‘Truth and Dare’ Game – We know that everyone must have played this game in his or her life.

You must be thinking this is very common and what’s new but, believe me, this is something that you guys would love to play with your friends.

Though the game has nothing new to introduce, your friends have many new and interesting things to share with you guys. So, try this game at your reunion party.

# Photo Competition – Ask everyone to come along with their childhood photographs and put all the photos in a bowl. Now, call friends one by one and ask them to take out a photo and let them guess who the person is in the photograph.

# Memory Teaser – Sit in a circle and get up in turns. Let everyone narrate an interesting anecdote and see everyone rolling on the floor laughing.

Reunions help you to relive your younger time with your friends. This brings back the old memories and full of laughter.

And all the above-mentioned fun activities will make all of you look back to your younger time with fondness.

So, plan your reunion party in the Brewbakes restaurant franchise and make a great memorable time with your beloved friends.

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